Leonie Hick, proprietor of All About Health has been in the health sector for over 40 years.  An accredited Remedial Massage Therapist for 20 years, Leonie has helped many clients return to the vibrant health that is our birth right. She holds a strong belief that the body can heal itself when emotional, chemical, physical and spiritual needs are met.  Leonie also incorporates kinesiology (muscle testing) to establish the cause of dysfunction, rather than being distracted by symptoms.

Having undertaken certification with Body Ecology Diet (gut health) guru Donna Gates, Leonie encourages a probiotic diet to help support recovery from injury and inflammation with optimal absorption of nutrient via a healthy digestive tract.

Leonie recently was awarded ‘Highly Commended – Practitioner of the Year’ at the 2018 ATMS / Nature & Health Industry Awards.




Health Fund rebates available for Remedial Massage with all applicable health funds EXCEPT Medibank Private.
A treatment receipt with provider details will be issued for you to claim your benefit rebate from your insurance provider through their app or claim process.


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“Leonie not only has magic hands, but she absolutely understands the human body and offers the most professional treatments. I recently had quite severe trauma as a result of a farm accident. Nothing was broken, but my spine, my neck and my whole left side were jarred. I was in a lot of discomfort. Leonie used kinesiology and massage and after only 24hrs I had no soreness and my body was much better balanced. Today I had a deep massage and wow, did she ever find all the remaining sore spots that I didn’t even know I had!!!! Thank you so much Leonie”

Carol H

“Haven’t had a good massage in a long time. In the past I have had a massage at different places where I’ve walked out with more pain than I did walking in..

Today I saw Leonie at All about health massage who listened to my needs, was gentle but firm and had a great massage. Highly recommend.”

Rebecca B

“Absolutely love the beautiful staff at All About Health. I have seen an amazing change in my body and skin thanks to the wholistic care Leonie and Jodie provide. I only wish I found you earlier. My family have all noticed a big change in me. What a difference I feel now that I’ve been given the keys and so much support for my health journey to be a better Mum and wife. Love you girls and can’t thank you enough. Xx”

Renae H

“I can highly recommend All about health, they have been looking after this very neglected body for nearly 20 yrs. 1 phone call and it’s back together again.”

Douglas K

“I have spent years trying to get on top of my health, and feel like I have finally found a team of professionals who can support me in taking things to a whole new level.

Leonie from All About Health has taken a holistic approach to looking at my health. She identified a number of different areas that I could start working on, including my diet, exercise, mental and emotional well being. I felt completely supported and safe sharing my challenges, especially with the recent emotional trauma I have experienced. I feel like I now have a plan in place to get my health to it’s optimal levels, and a well rounded support team to help me get there.

The infrared sauna was just what I needed to get the chill out of my bones, and to start my detox and weight loss journey. The massage was absolutely divine, and definitely needed. I feel so much more mobility in my neck, after suffering whip lash!

And thank you for the reading from your healing book in relation to my skin condition. It really did resonate deeply.

Thank you for your love and support! It was an amazing morning, and I can’t wait for the rest of our sessions.”

Jacque O